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Hello Friends,

Thank you for dropping by! I want you to get to know me better so that we can form a relationship (after all, Tarot is all about relationships!). Despite the fact that we are separated by time and space and the only clue we have that the other exists is the magical vehicle called “The Internet” I want to have a human connection with you.

Let me begin with the basics. My name is Kay and I grew up in the Mid West region of the United States. People have always told me “I’m wise beyond my years” but I have recently discovered that it is not wisdom, but rather my intuitive and empathic abilities that give me the ability to know things that aren’t necessarily directly communicated to me. When I started reading Tarot cards I noticed that I could actually use them as a tool for self-growth, empowerment and as a way to develop my natural psychic abilities. I believe we all have psychic gifts, and the cards are just one of many ways to help identify and develop these latent talents.

I graduated from the University of Portland, OR with a Bachelor degree in Philosophy and Psychology. I went on to serve two stressful, but life-changing years in Teach For America. I was sent to Baton Rouge, LA where I taught elementary special education. I learned a lot about myself in Baton Rouge and emerged with a strong sense that I was meant to teach, but NOT in the public school system. When I began practicing Tarot professionally in the years that followed I realized that Tarot was an excellent platform for me to practice my teaching skills.


One of my birth cards is the Hierophant. I have been a philosopher, a teacher and now a spiritual guide through reading and teaching about Tarot. I believe the keys to the Universe are available to each of us, and that the wisdom we require to wield those keys properly also lies within us. I believe in bridging gaps between our thoughts and feelings, and our ideas and our actions. I enjoy questioning the idea of duality in order to see the Unity in all things.

Tarot reading is a way for me to fulfill my soul’s purpose, to reach out to my fellow human beings and offer some assistance in emotional, mental, and spiritual matters. I can provide some clarity when you are feeling confusion and doubt. I will encourage you to find hope in your situation and offer creative solutions to the challenges you face. When I read Tarot I become a channel through which you are better able to see what you can do in order to heal and grow.

Don’t Know Tarot is my attempt at altering my own reality so that I can meet more people to connect with through Tarot. If you are here, I believe we were meant to find one another because we can learn something valuable from one another. I am so excited to meet you and see what we can offer one another. Thank you for spending your time and energy with me! Feel free to reach out!



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2 comments on “About Me
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    • dontknowtarot@gmail.com says:

      Wow, thank you for the advice. I will try it this weekend. I have had a lot going on and haven’t given this site the attention it deserves. You have given me some motivation and direction and for that I’m truly grateful. I would love to trade you a Tarot reading for some more tips and advice. Would you consider it?

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